So you want to book a two girl extended date...

Whether you have been on several duo dates, or have never been with two girls, you’ve finally made your decision on which companions you’d like to meet.

The time and dates have been chosen, deposits sent, and you are anxiously waiting in anticipation for this amazing meeting.

But you have no experience being with two companions for such a long period of time! What do you do?

My girlfriend Khandi and I have been on two trips with a gentlemen recently and can meet with advanced planning in Boston & the US!

My girlfriend Khandi and I have been on two trips with a gentlemen recently and can meet with advanced planning in Boston & the US!


Whether you’ve booked an overnight, 24 hours or a weekend, here are a few ideas for activities you can have planned with your dream girls.

  • Pick the right city. Would you rather meet in your hometown, where we may run into acquaintances, or do you prefer that we all meet in a separate city, where we can dress up and be ourselves away from prying eyes?

  • Dinner. Personal preferences and potential dietary restrictions should be considered. This is the chance to go to the restaurant your friends never wanted to visit! In the warmer months, choose somewhere in a cool area where we can quickly Uber to a nearby lounge or club.

  • Theater. Years ago a girlfriend and I attended “All the Way” (Bryan Cranston is one of my favs) in New York. Since none of us are from NYC, we were able to go out afterwards to drinks and Sapphire without worrying about seeing anyone we know.

  • Speaking of strip clubs, if you’re into them, yes. It’s a perfect way for us to party together before heading back to the room.

  • Water. Just saying. You may find yourself trying to keep up with the companions you’re with on an overnight date. Be sure that everyone stays hydrated so we can wake up feeling healthy and refreshed.

  • Sleep. 7-8 hours of sleep is key. If you try and wake up a companion when she hasn’t slept enough, this may not result in a very energetic experience in the morning... Ensuring everyone sleeps enough will guarantee that we all have an amazing time en suite!

  • Getting ready. There is a reason I can’t accommodate last minute date requests. My friends and I are always sure to look impeccable as far as hair, makeup, grooming and perfume goes. It is important for us to always look glowing, natural and fresh! Allow your dates some time in the AM to make sure they look perfect :)

  • Day time activities. Dates over 4 hours typically require time spent at dinner, etc. During the day we can check out a museum, explore the city or take a cooking class. Shopping is always a great option during the colder months as well. Let’s pick up some sexy lingerie and toys that we can all enjoy together! If you expect to spend more of the date en suite, ask beforehand, as a provider will likely ask a higher rate.

  • Hotels. It’s in your best interest to book a large room or suite with two bathrooms. Bonus if there is a cool restaurant, bar or lounge there.

  • Relax. The point of being with a companion is to spend time with someone who you can be yourself around, and be comfortable exploring things those in your personal life may not do with you. Just relax and go into your date with an open mind and excitement! Leave your ideas of what happen at the door, and the date will likely be way better than you expected!

Now go out there and enjoy the best time of your life with two beautiful providers! You deserve it :)