NYC visit this week

Hi everyone!

I apologize for being quiet over the past few weeks. Between classes, my vanilla job, and what seems to be endless laundry and errands, I have had very little time to blog. Thank you to everyone that has booked our date a few weeks in advance, it is becoming increasingly harder to accommodate bookings with less than 3 days notice.

This upcoming Sunday-Tuesday (Oct. 28-30) I will be in NYC for a photoshoot! I love visiting the city and will be staying in a gorgeous hotel in Soho. My suite looks very cute and I will take a few photo sets and possibly video for my shop.

Thank you to the sweet gentlemen who have pre-booked and sent gift cards and even flowers beforehand. These gestures truly brighten my busy days and have helped decorate my new apartment!


I only recently confirmed my upcoming photo shoot, so for the past few days I have been kickboxing and weight training to tone up quickly! I hope the results show in my photos…

Another update is that I thought I had taken my cell number completely offline, yet somehow am still being contacted on it. Existing friends are welcome to text me during the day, but I do not pick up calls or reply personally to numbers I don’t recognize. I have a full time life outside of Candice and simply do not have the time or energy to interact with one of the dozens of people that contacts me on my cell every day.

If you would like to be updated when I release new photo and video content, you can email me at with the subject line “New content”.

Thank you for reading and I will check in again soon from New York!



Just returned from Europe!

Hi babes! I recently returned from almost a month in Europe and am now taking bookings in Boston. Here are some of my favorite photos from my shoot in Paris with Zoi Windchen, as well as some of my favorite memories!


Here is a list of my favorite memories from my trip, in no particular order:

  • Traipsing down the Promenade de la Croisette with my close girlfriend and a bottle of champagne at 5 AM

  • Giving a blow job on a balcony in Paris

  • Spending my birthday in Florence with a gentleman I’ve known for 3 years. The experience was very special, from the gorgeous 5 star hotel to unforgettable art and dining.

  • Trying to act normal at a private yacht showing, pretending not to taken very strong edibles beforehand

  • A romantic date horseback riding in the countryside outside of Florence

  • Skinny dipping after going to Baoli (nightclub) in Cannes

    A few days before returning to Boston I was a bit sad at how quickly the time had flown by. I am an INTJ, very social around friends, but when traveling I find I am able to take a step back, settle into myself and just observe. This trip brought me memories I will have for the rest of my life, and a sense of fun that I can use every day, even while I am in Boston. While at home, I aim to make every day magical, productive and full of experiences. I hope that we can share some of these together, and show one another that every interaction can be like something from a dream.

Being an independent escort allows me to experience an amazing lifestyle, and at my core I’m still just a normal girl who loves adventure.

On this recent trip I was gone for almost 4 weeks. I visited London (twice), Florence, Milan, Paris and Cannes. It was my first time in Cannes for the yacht show and the boats were gorgeous!

  The gorgeous hotel in Florence

The gorgeous hotel in Florence

 Just casually stretching ;)

Just casually stretching ;)

Quick update

Hi everyone!

I am returning from my week of traveling.

I started out with two nights in Iceland. After a long flight my date and I stopped at the Blue Lagoon for some R & R (before having our own private R & R!) In case you haven't met me, I absolutely LOVE massages! After being completely relaxed we decided to give one another massages. You can only imagine what this lead to... :)

  Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

  Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

Next stop: Florence. I had plenty of time to explore the city while my date was at work. After hours involved as much amazing food and amazing sex as possible! My favorite part, by far, was getting to visit the Gucci Gardens museum.

That's it for my short update as I am getting over jet lag :) I look forward to catching up with everyone before my next trip in August. I have received a lot of messages on Twitter about my birthday wishlist and will update it shortly! I hope that everyone is having a lovely week so far and enjoying the gorgeous weather!



  Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio

  Gucci Gardens museum

Gucci Gardens museum

The best summer guide for outings with your luxury escort date in Boston!

It's beginning to feel like summer!

  Boston summer date night outfit

Boston summer date night outfit

  Throwback pic from last summer in Positano. Everyone there is so sweet and I was surprised to see some of my friends from Boston working at a restaurant here!

Throwback pic from last summer in Positano. Everyone there is so sweet and I was surprised to see some of my friends from Boston working at a restaurant here!

While packing for Chicago for the long weekend, I started to think of all the activities I wanted to do in Boston in the next few weeks. It's such a gorgeous city, and with half of the year bringing cold weather, Bostonians celebrate when the sun comes out.

Taking your escort date to dinner or booking 6-8 hours is an amazing experience. You can get to know one another while enjoying great food, a gallery and sightseeing! Here are some of my favorite things to do and places to visit in Boston.

North End/Seaport

The waterfront is the best area to relax with your date! You could head to Christopher Columbus Park in Boston's Italian neighborhood, the North End, where the lights in the evening are especially beautiful. There is nothing like being near the water with someone special, enjoying the quiet atmosphere and watching boats go by. The authentic Italian food in the North End is mostly sicilian, though you will find restaurant owners and chefs from all over the country. Limoncello, Trattoria di Monica are both family owned, serving traditional Italian dishes like pasta and fish. Lucca is another romantic yet trendy restaurant that is a personal favorite. If you and I have similar tastes, you will love Mare Oyster Bar for its variety of ceviches, tartares, oysters and cooked fish dishes. For cannolis, locals prefer Modern Pastry over the more touristy Mike's ;)


One of my favorite evenings was spent leaving from Battery Wharf in a small yacht my date had rented. We enjoyed champagne and oysters before getting dropped off in the Seaport District. The docks also extend all the way to Seaport! If you prefer a sexy scene, head to Del Frisco's steakhouse where you can show off your arm candy. To enjoy a romantic dinner with a gorgeous waterfront view, Legal Harborside is your spot. For music fans, the Blue Hill Pavillion concert venue is a lovely outdoor venue to dance all evening. 

Downtown Crossing

Downtown Crossing (occasionally referred to as Midtown?) is the former Redlight District of Boston. In fifteen years it has transformed immensely, from somewhere one simply didn't go to the hotspot for fine dining, lounges, tourism and luxury living. Downtown boasts several high end residential buildings, including Millenium Tower, the highest residential building in Boston. Inside the building is PABU, a Japanese restaurant that every sushi lover should check out. The restaurant based off an izakaya, the pubs in Japan where businessmen will stop after a long work day for drinks with their coworkers. If you are an uni fan, you'll love the "happy spoon"- uni with two kinds of roe and a ponzu créme fraiche.

The best lounge in the area is by far Yvonne's. Its location is unassuming- literally in an alleyway! Once you get in, the vibe inside is elegant, social and sexy. In the main dining room, ornate chandeliers light up the room. In a separate room, the lounge area is styled as a library, with books lining the walls and a full bar. In the basement of Yvonne's is a highly exclusive private dining and club area. Those not in the know who inquire about it will not be given information by the staff.

As I wrote this I realized I would not be able to fit all my favorite date locales without making this into a 5 page post :) This post only covers a few of my favorite spots in the North End, Seaport and Downtown Crossing. Also, coincidentally, a photo shoot I had planned for the weekend got rescheduled, so tonight I plan to fully indulge with a GF at a Seafood restaurant I haven't tried yet! Will update you guys in the future...

xx, C

  Happy spoon from PABU!

Happy spoon from PABU!

Blondes do have more fun!

A quick update as I have been MIA recently. I am back in Boston after a long weekend snowboarding near Zurich. While I consider Boston home, the men in Switzerland are quickly winning my heart! ;) I am back to blonde and realizing that blondes do have more fun!

I had an amazing Valentine's Day date that involved seafood, massage oil and enough foreplay to drive myself and my date insane. There's nothing more exciting than making a man sweat as I tease him...

I look forward to catching up with old friends and meeting new ones while in town! 

More updates soon!



1 more reason to go without panties

There's just something about being used for a man's pleasure.

After stopping in London for a few evenings I headed to St. Moritz. I spent New Year's Eve on top of a mountain surrounded by beautiful people with my handsome, dominant, date. The food was divine, the band was spectacular and the champagne flowed seemingly in perpetuity.

After watching fireworks and ringing in the New Year with a hard kiss, my date took control. We found a private spot near the party area where he lifted up my tight dress, bent me over, and covered my mouth with his hand before doing just what he wanted to me. I was completely taken by surprise and loved every moment of our risque, semi-public and very kinky liason. I skipped lingerie to avoid the lines that would show through my form fitting dress. Now I know the real reason to skip underthings at dinner.

  Fireworks in St. Moritz

Fireworks in St. Moritz

  New Year's view from the mountain top

New Year's view from the mountain top

  Oxford Street, London

Oxford Street, London

I will be in Switzerland for another week before traveling to Boston & NYC. I wish you all an amazing start to your year, filled with happiness, healthiness, and overall, pleasure.

Thank you for reminding me.

I recently returned from two weeks visiting 6 countries Europe. I caught up with friends and family and enjoyed the sites, food, shopping, more food, and of course the men. 

In Switzerland I had fondue for the first time (it was amazing), went snowboarding (also amazing) and learned more about watches than I care to know. In London I visited the Coco de Mer and Honey Birdette stores in person for the first time ever. Though I see the end of my time as Candice approaching, gorgeous lingerie is priceless and will hold value for me through my young adulthood. I bought several sets as well as snakeskin, leather and gold restraints which seem to delicate to use during actual play but they were beautiful.

These experiences contrast my current reality. Bed at 9 or 10, waking up at 5. Bullet coffee and exercise, maybe retrieve last nights' laundry from the laundry room if I have time. I walk half a mile to a tall building and arrive too early. Stare at the computer for 5 or 6 hours making sure not to miss anything. Try not to get distracted thinking about hotel suite threesomes.

After work I will go home, exercise and study. Maybe meet friends for dinner and try not to envy their steaks and sides as I eat chicken over a salad or with steamed vegetables. If I'm feeling indulgent I'll watch an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm even though I've seen all the episodes.

Seemingly two seconds ago I was a VIP, spoiled by new and exciting experiences. Now I am just another kid my age, struggling to get off the couch and go to Whole Foods. I feel boring and wonder if it's my personality. I would do anything to be somewhere else, to taste a proper espresso, to see posh trend-setters smoking cigarettes in a circle. 

A dinner date in Boston goes extremely well. I wear a long sleeved black dress and conservative heels. My ass looks even better than usual from the weightlifting I've been doing. Without divulging too many details, en suite there is a whip, handcuffs and a ballgag which was necessary by the time we put it on. I leave the hotel at midnight with a smile on my face and an obvious afterglow.

Once home I receive the sweetest thank you email, the gentleman explaining that I was "the best evening of his life" and "a reason to return to Boston". Perhaps, I think, I am not so boring after all. These small thank you notes and the gratefulness of the men and women I meet means more than you may think.

Thank you for reminding me how I make you feel. How I arouse senses you had forgotten about.

Tomorrow I will wear my red latex under my clothing, a naughty reminder of many exciting evenings to come during my time as Candice.