NYC visit this week

Hi everyone!

I apologize for being quiet over the past few weeks. Between classes, my vanilla job, and what seems to be endless laundry and errands, I have had very little time to blog. Thank you to everyone that has booked our date a few weeks in advance, it is becoming increasingly harder to accommodate bookings with less than 3 days notice.

This upcoming Sunday-Tuesday (Oct. 28-30) I will be in NYC for a photoshoot! I love visiting the city and will be staying in a gorgeous hotel in Soho. My suite looks very cute and I will take a few photo sets and possibly video for my shop.

Thank you to the sweet gentlemen who have pre-booked and sent gift cards and even flowers beforehand. These gestures truly brighten my busy days and have helped decorate my new apartment!


I only recently confirmed my upcoming photo shoot, so for the past few days I have been kickboxing and weight training to tone up quickly! I hope the results show in my photos…

Another update is that I thought I had taken my cell number completely offline, yet somehow am still being contacted on it. Existing friends are welcome to text me during the day, but I do not pick up calls or reply personally to numbers I don’t recognize. I have a full time life outside of Candice and simply do not have the time or energy to interact with one of the dozens of people that contacts me on my cell every day.

If you would like to be updated when I release new photo and video content, you can email me at with the subject line “New content”.

Thank you for reading and I will check in again soon from New York!