Blondes do have more fun!

A quick update as I have been MIA recently. I am back in Boston after a long weekend snowboarding near Zurich. While I consider Boston home, the men in Switzerland are quickly winning my heart! ;) I am back to blonde and realizing that blondes do have more fun!

I had an amazing Valentine's Day date that involved seafood, massage oil and enough foreplay to drive myself and my date insane. There's nothing more exciting than making a man sweat as I tease him...

I look forward to catching up with old friends and meeting new ones while in town! 

I will be visiting NYC February 28-March 4. I am waiting to hear back on my internships to see which city in Asia I will be in for the second half of the summer!

More updates soon!



1 more reason to go without panties

There's just something about being used for a man's pleasure.

After stopping in London for a few evenings I headed to St. Moritz. I spent New Year's Eve on top of a mountain surrounded by beautiful people with my handsome, dominant, date. The food was divine, the band was spectacular and the champagne flowed seemingly in perpetuity.

After watching fireworks and ringing in the New Year with a hard kiss, my date took control. We found a private spot near the party area where he lifted up my tight dress, bent me over, and covered my mouth with his hand before doing just what he wanted to me. I was completely taken by surprise and loved every moment of our risque, semi-public and very kinky liason. I skipped lingerie to avoid the lines that would show through my form fitting dress. Now I know the real reason to skip underthings at dinner.

  Fireworks in St. Moritz

Fireworks in St. Moritz

  New Year's view from the mountain top

New Year's view from the mountain top

  Oxford Street, London

Oxford Street, London

I will be in Switzerland for another week before traveling to Boston & NYC. I wish you all an amazing start to your year, filled with happiness, healthiness, and overall, pleasure.

  Before dinner yesterday evening

Before dinner yesterday evening

Thank you for reminding me.

I recently returned from two weeks visiting 6 countries Europe. I caught up with friends and family and enjoyed the sites, food, shopping, more food, and of course the men. 

In Switzerland I had fondue for the first time (it was amazing), went snowboarding (also amazing) and learned more about watches than I care to know. In London I visited the Coco de Mer and Honey Birdette stores in person for the first time ever. Though I see the end of my time as Candice approaching, gorgeous lingerie is priceless and will hold value for me through my young adulthood. I bought several sets as well as snakeskin, leather and gold restraints which seem to delicate to use during actual play but they were beautiful.

These experiences contrast my current reality. Bed at 9 or 10, waking up at 5. Bullet coffee and exercise, maybe retrieve last nights' laundry from the laundry room if I have time. I walk half a mile to a tall building and arrive too early. Stare at the computer for 5 or 6 hours making sure not to miss anything. Try not to get distracted thinking about hotel suite threesomes.

After work I will go home, exercise and study. Maybe meet friends for dinner and try not to envy their steaks and sides as I eat chicken over a salad or with steamed vegetables. If I'm feeling indulgent I'll watch an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm even though I've seen all the episodes.

Seemingly two seconds ago I was a VIP, spoiled by new and exciting experiences. Now I am just another kid my age, struggling to get off the couch and go to Whole Foods. I feel boring and wonder if it's my personality. I would do anything to be somewhere else, to taste a proper espresso, to see posh trend-setters smoking cigarettes in a circle. 

A dinner date in Boston goes extremely well. I wear a long sleeved black dress and conservative heels. My ass looks even better than usual from the weightlifting I've been doing. Without divulging too many details, en suite there is a whip, handcuffs and a ballgag which was necessary by the time we put it on. I leave the hotel at midnight with a smile on my face and an obvious afterglow.

Once home I receive the sweetest thank you email, the gentleman explaining that I was "the best evening of his life" and "a reason to return to Boston". Perhaps, I think, I am not so boring after all. These small thank you notes and the gratefulness of the men and women I meet means more than you may think.

Thank you for reminding me how I make you feel. How I arouse senses you had forgotten about.

Tomorrow I will wear my red latex under my clothing, a naughty reminder of many exciting evenings to come during my time as Candice.